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Welcome to the wiki page. Here you can get find articles about the usage of the tool. In case you have further questions, please also join the forum


In May 2014, GameSpy has stopped its services for several games, including our beloved Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead. This shutdown removed the ability of players to browse for server in the game.

Due to this shutdown, 2a-clan and GUN-clan have decided to found a community with the goal to save the game. consists of a website (including a forum) and a tool which both help users to find game servers in MoHAA, Spearhead and Breakthrough.

Installing and using the tool

Here you can find help on how to install and use the tool. To get to further reading, click one of the links below:

Administrating your server with the tool

If you are a server admin and would like to add and administrate a server by the tool, please read further on one of these pages:

Other information

Other information can be found here: