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The following document discloses our policies on data handling and protection. By using the tool (later called "tool", "app", "program"), you automatically agree to the privacy policy of the community ("we", "our", "us").

Private data collection

Our tool creates a connection to our web server in order to retreive a server list and news updates. This request performs an http connection to our web server which allows us to get similar information about you as if you would browse our web site or play on a MoHAAS server.

Unlike many other web services, we do not collect or store your private information. For security reasons, our web server only stores the IPs of all requests, whether they are made through the forum, web server or our app. Along with your IP we do not collect any other private information from your computer.

Our tool includes an anti cheat functionality which allows server admins of the MoHAAS.NET server community to review your gaming activity. Our app will regularly check your computer for hacks related to the game MoHAAS and send the result to our web server. It can also watch your MoHAAS window and send information about it to our web server.

Private data storage

All data that is collected is only linked to your IP and not with other personal data. Our privacy control ensures that all gaming monitoring data is removed from our web server after 48 hours and cannot be recovered after that. After 48 hours, we only keep the IP of your previous requests.

We care about privacy. All data collected through any of the MoHAAS.NET services are treated as highly sensitive. We protect your user data to the best of our knowledge. It will be stored securily on our servers only and can only be viewed by our staff or MoHAAS.NET server admins. We will never share your information without your consent to third parties.