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This document shows you how to add a new server to your account.

Become founder or admin of a clan

Before you can add (and administrate) a new server to the community, you need to become an owner or an administrator of a clan. The following two subchapters cover both cases.

Make sure that you have installed the tool already on your computer.

Create a clan on

In case your clan is not registered on yet and if you are an admin of your clan, you may become the founder of it. A founder is a user account on that owns a clan. You can only become the founder of a clan if no one else already is.

So if these conditions meet, you can contact [email protected] with the following information:

As soon as you contact us with this information, we are going to verify it and open a founder account for you. If that is done, you may proceed with adding servers in your administration panel.

Join a clan on

If your clan is already registered to, then you have to ask any admin (or founder) of your clan to add your PC ID to your clan member list on

Add the server in the admininistration panel