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Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead (abbr. MoHAAS) is the name of the game our community is all about.

Spearhead is a Quake3-based first person shooter that takes place in World War 2, when the Allied forces (Americans, British, Russian and Italian) fought against the Axis (Germans, Italians). In the single player game, you can take the role of an American warrior and fight against the Axis. In the multiplayer mode, you can pick both sides and different player models.

Spearhead is the first extension of Medal of Honor Allied Assault (abbr. MoHAA), hence Spearhead cannot be played without the base game MoHAA. The second extension is called Breakthrough and is very similar to Spearhead.

Download game

While there are many torrents and links to the game which are infected with viruses and hacks, we recommend you to download the following version:

Disclaimer: We are not the creator (in fact we do not even know her/him) of this website and do not host the game on our servers.